Energy Policy, And Economics: Isn’t It Time For Sustainable Realities?

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On a recent vacation, in Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic, I noticed, the cost of gasoline, at the service stations. In a nation, where incomes are relatively low, it struck me, how high, gas prices were. In that nation, I wondered, how, anyone could afford, paying the equivalent of about, $15 (USD), for a gallon of gasoline? How can tourist transports, afford to pay, such a steep price? I wondered, why, with so much, abundant sunshine, I didn’t notice any hybrid, or electric vehicles? Since I believe, other energy costs and prices, must be high, also, wouldn’t, it make sense, to use, some degree of solar, and wind power, as key components, of their energy policy? While, other nations, such as Costa Rica, Great Britain, etc, are planning, a more sustainable, energy policy, and, states, such as California, are seeking to implement, a more sustainable system, this nation, overall, under the leadership of President Trump, appears to be going, in the opposite direction. Rather than encouraging sustainable energy use, the United States, is being led, by an individual, who denies, climate change, and has apparently gone, in the opposite direction, by planning to remove us, from the Paris Accords. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, some relevant issues, and why, we need, to seek sustainable solutions.

1. Sustainable energy sources: Doesn’t it make sense, to seek true solutions, rather than continue, our policy of depending on fossil fuels? From a planning – perspective, how might we benefit, from failing to consider, and recognize, we are hurting ourselves, with this approach, of depleting these resources, and threatening the future environmental needs, of generations, to follow? Solar solutions are available, for either, heating water, or the entire house, and now, we even, have solar roof panels, which cost the same, as regular roofs. Many regions could take advantage of wind power, which many other nations, are already doing. Isn’t it time, for us to change, and adapt, our present approaches?

2. Costs: If our government, would face the future, realistically, it would encourage, greater use of alternative, sustainable energy – forces! Wouldn’t we be, better served, by prioritizing, our future, in a responsible manner, than, burying – our – head, in the sand, denying reality, or continuous procrastination? We should look at overall costs, and take advantage of a smarter path!

3. The oil lobby: Some believe, the powerful, oil lobby, applies pressure on politicians, to favor them, and, delay anything, which might impact, their revenues. Many auto – makers, have finally, realized this, and several companies, have placed far greater emphasis, on hybrid, or plug – in, electric vehicles. One luxury model announced, 25% of its automobiles, by 2025, will be electric. The city of London passed a law, requiring, cars entering the city limits, must be electric, by the end of the next decade.

We need more common sense, if we are to move forward, in a smarter, more sustainable way, into, the future! Doesn’t that make sense?


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