How America’s Allies Are Confused?

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Whether one supported, opposed, liked (and agreed with), or had a somewhat, low, personal opinion, of previous Presidents of the United States, the vast majority of them, were believed to, consistently, have, what they felt, was the best interests of this nation, as one of their highest priorities! We may have disagreed about policy, but, generally, felt, the individual, would behave, in some sort of consistent (even comforting manner). In one of the most adversarial, polarizing (some might call it, nasty), Presidential campaigns, of recent memory, in 2016, voters elected Donald J. Trump, to the highest office, in this land. Trump, with little to no, political experience, less than fully – considered ideas, etc, seemed to treat the campaign, like a reality show. He focused on telling his core supporters, what he felt, they wanted to hear, over, and over, again! He made unproven (probably, unwarranted) accusations, empty promises, and used a level of rhetoric, and vitriol, we have never witnessed, in recent memory. While, domestically, Americans, are, perhaps, as polarized, as they have been, since the Civil War, our traditional allies, have witnessed, behavior, rhetoric, etc, they have never observed, in previous American Presidents. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few examples, of confusing acts, of the past couple of years.

1. The Wall: During the campaign, Trump inspired his core supporters, by claiming how dangerous, immigrants are, and insisting, we needed a Southern Wall, promising, Mexico would pay for it. Of course, Mexico would do, no such thing, and our relations with our southern neighbor, suffered, dramatically. To this day, the President’s proclamations about caravans, murderers, etc, continue to attract and maintain, his political core supporters, while demonstrating to many others, a perception of prejudice, which seems, opposed to past United States’ policies.

2. NATO: Since World War II, NATO has been an essential component, of maintaining a safer world. While Mr. Trump, is, perhaps, correct, in insisting, other members, should be paying a fairer share, his consistent, bad – mouthing, of many of the world’s leaders, has, at best, confused them.

3. The Paris Accords: While we have usually, prided ourselves, on leading, in many areas, including, environmental, health, education, and human rights, the President’s desire to leave the Paris Accords, has, isolated us, from almost all major (and most minor) nations, in the world, We are now one of the very few, to abandon these accords.

4. North Korea: No one is sure, what is going on, regarding these, so – called, negotiations! From his rhetoric and name – calling of North Korea’s leader, referring to him, as, “Rocket Man,” to claiming to believe in him, and his intent, although, nearly all experts disagree, must confuse many!

5. Russia: Trump’s attitude, and perceived behavior and relationship, with Russia, has made many, mistrust America’s leader.

6. Blaming and complaining: We have witnessed, more blaming and complaining, about our traditional allies, than about our traditional foes. How would you feel, if you were a leader, of one of these nations?

Is it the man’s style, and negotiating ability, or is this, about, a degree of inexperience, and arrogance? No one, can be certain, but it must be, unsettling to many foreign leaders!

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