How Neglecting Environmental Safety, Today, Will Threaten Future Generations?

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One of the greatest threats, to the future of America, and our planet, is a politician, who, proceeds, in a short – sighted, apparently, greedy manner, without seeming to, either consider, or care, about the future impacts and ramifications! Unfortunately, it seems, this is precisely, what we have been witnessing, for the past two years, when, the leader of the free world, in contrast to his predecessors, has seemed to do, whatever he possibly could, to eliminate precious environmental protections, especially, as it relates to clean air, and water. President Donald Trump has consistently, articulated a message, where he doubts/ denies, climate change, and prioritizes, short – term, financial/ economic gains, over protecting our climate. While, people of this President’s age, and generation, might not be affected by this behavior, it certainly seems to threaten, future generations. While it takes a considerable amount of time, to make changes, for the better, every omission, not only reverses previous benefits, but compounds the threats! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, how today’s neglect, will threaten the health of future generations.

1. Abandoning America’s commitment to the Paris Accords: Mr. Trump has often articulated a message, which is adversarial, to these accords, claiming, they are wasteful, costly, and unnecessary. However, the rest of the world, appears to strongly disagree, because the United States of America, is the only major nation (or minor one), which has indicated, it will be abandoning this agreement. Protecting our climate, must be a world – wide, united effort, and, when this nation, will not agree, to its part, what does it say, about us? Luckily, a man, like Mike Bloomberg, has, thus far, been willing, to pay America’s part, but without our cooperation, the climate change, we have been experiencing, will not only continue, but, probably hasten!

2. Clean air and water: There is a reason, previous administrations have sought significant protections, for air and water quality. The Trump Administration, on the other hand, in its apparent, attempt, to assist the coal industry (which is contrary to the concept of clean air), has significantly changed the rules, regarding dumping waste, into the rivers. Does anyone believe that’s a healthy, sustainable idea? While the rest of the world, has sought cleaner solutions, and, cities, such as London, have created laws, mandating only electric cars, by the 2030′s, and nations, such as Costa Rica, have sought to make their entire nation, electric car, only, our government, appears to be going, back to the past, instead of, towards a sustainable future. Rather than protecting parks, and open spaces, etc, we have seen an attempt, to benefit corporations, by permitting drilling, etc, in these areas. How might that negatively impact, the environment, of the future?

Wake up, America, and do something, now, before the damage done, takes decades to overcome! If you love your children, and grandchildren, this is your responsibility!


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