How To Know, Who To Vote For?: Examine Their Priorities!

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How often, do large numbers of American voters, claim their disappointment with certain candidates, they voted for? Is this, because many, appear to be fooled by the rhetoric, and/ or, empty rhetoric, of a candidate, and, then, vote for a potentially, unqualified individual? When was the last time, you considered voting, both, a right, as well as, an obligation? Where do you get your information, and, are you doing enough research, to fully examine, the skills, experience, knowledge, expertise, and quality of their inner selves? What efforts, do you make, to fully consider, whether their priorities, are self – serving, true (or false), or a true attempt to make a difference, for the better, seeking common grounds, and a meeting of the minds, so, the individual, might be more likely to unify, than polarize? With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, some ways, responsible, involved voters, might become better served, and represented?

1. Is the candidate running for reelection, a step – up, or a political novice?: Whether someone has been in the existing office, another “lower” office, or a first – timer, each, has certain advantages. Theoretically, an existing office – holder, has greater awareness of the necessities, of the position, and a record, voters can examine, and consider. Sometimes, this may be positive, and other times, more negative! If one has held another office, it offers some concept, of how he handles the responsibility, and power. Someone, who is new to politics, might be more challenging to examine, but, with a little research, you should get a hint, from his body of work! Far too often, voters elect the person, who make the most empty promises, or uses rhetoric, which inspires and motivates, them, not because of the quality of their ideas, nor introducing, relevant, sustainable solutions, but, because a candidate supports a specific, political agenda!

2. How does the candidate answer questions? Voters must demand quality answers, to the essential, relevant, challenges, of the day. Beware, it requires understanding, precisely, what a specific position, mandates, and requires! Does he answer questions, openly, and fully, and in the same way, to every audience? Is he honest, honorable, and consistent? Avoid anyone, who answers with rhetoric, and/ or, evasion, and seek, office holders, who tell the truth, and let you know, what you need, to know, rather than merely, what you want to hear!

3. Today’s political climate: In my, over four decades of involvement, in a variety of political campaigns, and causes, I have never witnessed, the level of antagonism, polarization, and vitriol, we have today! Whether one supports President Donald Trump, or opposes him, there is no doubt, American politics, have changed (perhaps, not, for the better!).

Wake up, America, and demand, your officials, prioritize the American concepts of freedom, liberty and justice, for all! It’s up to you, to recognize, and accept today’s political challenges, before we lose, what has made America great!


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