Why It’s Dangerous When Elected Officials Put Their Personal/ Political Agenda, Ahead Of Ours?

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Regardless of one’s personal preferences, most should be willing to admit, we are undergoing a period, unlike any, in recent memory, in many ways! The level of antagonism, lying, blaming, and complaining, combined with, having a President, who seems unwilling, to, either cooperate, or seek a meeting – of – the – minds, has been further entangled, with the potential ramifications, of our existing, partial government shutdown. One party is posturing for a Southern Wall, while the other, is vehemently opposed. The President responds by proclaiming, he has the right to, and will, if necessary, to call, a National Emergency, and build his wall, in that way. If we think about, the premise of the battle, which is, Mr. Trump is keeping a core, campaign promise, we observe, why, unless there is some compromise, this will only get worse! In the ever – changing dialogue, the President keeps changing his commentary, as well as denying, the key part of that campaign promise, which is, Mexico will pay for the wall. Therefore, we have a battle, because President Trump demands an unachievable Wall, while the Democrats, appear united, in their opposition. There are so many faults to the battle, including, feasibility, expense, maintenance, effectiveness, land – claims/ Eminent Domain battles, not to mention, what many feel, a wall indicates, unless/ until, one side, or the other, either give – in, or both sides, seek, a realistic compromise, it will continue to challenge, our American way, of life. With that in mind, this article will attempt to examine, consider, review and discuss, how this specific issue, demonstrates, the danger, when elected officials prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and self – interests, over, serving the common good, and best interests of our nation.

1. The politics of the Wall: Why is the President, fighting, so hard, for a Wall, which won’t significantly deter illegal immigration, or drug smuggling? Why does he change his mind, so often, or, at least, articulate changing commentaries and reasons? Why do his supporters, believe his claims, stating he’s honoring a campaign promise, when that pledge, including, no cost to the United States? As other issues, seem to be challenging Trump, could this be an attempt at diverting attention, or, inspiring his core supporters? Is he being influenced by the rhetoric of some of the most radical, conservative, commentators, and afraid of losing their support (and, especially, their audience)? The battle is stated, at times, as securing our borders, or reducing crime/ criminals, or keeping drugs out. However, experts claim, this Wall would be ineffective, in terms of achieving these objectives. His Democratic opponents, find the concept, the antithesis of what it should be, to be an American, and, while they agree, borders need to be secure, this can be accomplished with the symbol, of this unachievable Wall!

2. The Shutdown: When Cabinet members, as well as the President’s family members, articulate a lack of empathy, for the many, who are suffering, because of this unnecessary shutdown, and 800, 000 government workers have not been paid in a month, and many government contractors, may never recover, from it, how does serve our nation?

Beware of any politicians, whose personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, seems more important than serving the common good! Unless/ until, we elect officials, who are ready, willing, and able, to seek, a meeting – of – the – minds, and viable solutions, we will all suffer, unnecessarily!

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