Why We Perceive Current Events, Differently?

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While some people observe, some specific event, and/ or, action, in one way, others, often, perceive it, in an entirely different manner? For example, some consider, any action, which may criticize Israel, as being anti – Semitic (and/ or, anti – Zionist), others might believe, every nation does certain things, or takes actions, which aren’t indicative, of their greatest moments! While some feel, the Iran nuclear pact, enacted during the Obama administration, was a positive occurrence, others believe, it was the opposite. Today’s discussion about the Southern Wall, articulated often by President Trump, is needed and necessary, and agree, essential to securing the border (ensuring safety, and security), others see it as anti – American principles and ideals, and a costly, wasteful symbol, which is ineffective, and optimum security can be achieved without erecting this edifice! With these things in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why these perceptions, might occur, and how they challenge, the goal of achieving a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good.

1. Israel – related issues: Certain individuals appear to believe, any action, which is, at all, critical of Israel (actions, focus, politics, etc), is automatically, anti – Zionist (at the very least), and/ or, anti – Semitic! Objectively, every individual, and nation, make decisions, and take actions, which we could/ should find some objection, to. However, because of the emotional attachment of many, to Israel, much of the potential for objectivity, seems abandoned! The reality is, it is not anti – Semitic, to criticize, policy, and/ or actions, unless/ until, that criticism, is based on factors, other than policies, While hate – crimes, especially, anti – Semitism, have increased at alarming rates, both, in this country, as well as the rest of the world, using this label, whenever someone criticizes, and/ or, objects, is considerably different. We must speak up, against bad behavior, regardless of, our personal views.

2. Iran nuclear pact: While there are many possible objections, to certain specifics, and/ or omissions, of the Iran pact, isn’t it better, to significantly reduce this potential danger, and have continuing discussions, than proceed, in an adversarial manner? How one perceives negotiating, and understands ramifications, often determines perceptions!

3. Southern Wall: President Trump, has made the southern wall, the core of his appeal, to his core supporters. During the campaign, he proclaimed, he would build this wall, and Mexico would pay for it. When that became unrealistic, he changed his message, demanding the wall, by claiming it was the most important necessity of border security. Although many/ most experts, believe a wall, is an ineffective, expensive symbol, his core supporters, have continued to seek this border restraint. Is this wall, worthy of the ramifications, which we have witnessed, from the 35 – day, partial government shutdown, we recently observed, or, might there be a way, to achieve security objectives, in a wiser, less expensive, more effective way.

There are many other items, where many have varying perceptions, such as Russia, the potential election collusion (from 2016), trade dealings, race relations, etc. We will never be, the best we can, until/ unless, our highest priority, becomes, seeking the common good, via, a meeting – of – the – minds, rather than proceeding, in an adversarial, polarizing manner!

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